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Sea note

When the million stars hold a single flower 

Rooted in soil  flying high without any thread in arm 

An intamcy was built on sea parts

When a dew drop left  and enter another jar 

Chilled thrilled every body part 

It feels good when nature made love under stars 

Aahhhh how essential is this affection after twenty four stormy hours 

Still shiver to come and meet the new crush of heart 

Trembles avoide, knowingly thats room of my desearted heart 

Every part is so beautifully painted every star so precautionary inserted 

Blue canvas , white diamonds made half circle of par 

Rest chormatic all-embracing waves wait to hold another par 

Eventually loving sea sky completed the circle of heart 

Aparted,still get unify in every optic sight of ball 


Ohh heart is bursting like the baby is born in my arms 

Like sky has droped the moon in my arms 

Like the star has seen solar eclipse after numerous hours ….

Like the rose has bloomed upto the morning star 

This is cause somewhere an angel was born on this porpitious hour

I ve waited his feet to touch my spirit in spiritual dawn 

To get crumbled beneath his arm ,

Buried myself under air of his shadowy loveplant

Yearned for this throughout atlast mother has blessed thus showed me her darling’s heart

Shall I love her or place her in temple of my heart 


Have always loved shores more than sea 

Cry more than to weep ,

Struggles more than to succeed and Aboliton above creed ,

Thats how it’s thats how it will be 

Acoustic, loud sounds ,but metophoric words are what more she believe ,

Are what more she see ,

Numerous useless words outside not a single phrase of core 

Puzzeles,know one can solve ,

Trouble ,no can bother off

She like such phrases of world 

Knew know one will interprate may be thats why she scribes 

That’s how it is that’s how it will 

Even if left deserted on land of fallen mates ,

she ll fullfilled in land of frozen gates ,

Here the eternal truth for her lies 

Stubborn with heart thats what she is  thats what she will be …


Words don’t come from a versed mind 

But from a roaring heart …

From vocals who never encountered a way ,

From hot burn veins who wished to burst out at every pace

And above them all…from the tongue who forever crave 


Who were  Neither enquire nether attained Just always retained

My words ……

Not from shinning nights but from gulf of sunstar 

Not from calm shores but from numerous thurderstorms   

Not after sitting under stars but from nights spends under roofless bars

 Words ….

Yes, her words .. they dont come from flowery bunglow but from combust of roads 

She dont hear them like a song but like a cawing crow 

Incriminat isolate just like some stranger in an abandoned place 

Words….Who were  Neither enquire nether attained Just always retained…!

Is love possible without demands ……!

At this stage of my life I ‘ve started disliking the one whome they call “MASTER OF UNIVERSE “,may be because i come accross his eternal truth which my parents never told me niether the society does .I ‘ve realized he ‘s not more than air ,he cant help me in a way i wamt to ,he cant talk to me in a way i want to 

He won’t fight for me one someone hurt me ,he s not gonna punch the man who molest me ,he cant even make me memorize all important question  just a night before exam ….

But my mother told me he can and he do and i ve loved him throughout my life for this for the poWers he has for the things he can do …My all life seems to me vain reckless 

Now the question is wether i can love and praise the person who can be with me but not help me .Who can give one single thing “LOVE” ..

Is love is all what we need ? 

Life: the faublist …

Lets discover heat lets discover pain

Lets find out whose face is more pale
Love lust all worked enough
May be its time for  fighting  and trade

Happens with all we are not new in race
Little disheartned never thought to join this way
May be assuptions entered in my veins
But what has happened to his intelligent brain

 Did he forget even her swingy dates
When she fights on worthless ground ,dances on his vein
Bhut he used to bear without a single stain
May be that was the beauty of newly love craze

 Its time of life to turn the page, to check honestly worth of our grail
Now rough further it will harden the page
Lets see what comes out from life ‘s fabulist page