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Heaven hell 

In two streams of heaven choose thy hell 

Let the map chnge don’t change thy destined head
Crush under rock as much as you can
But don’t forget to raise you’re head
Be the enamorous mountain you wish you could be
After all,there’s a very small difference in what is and what could have been 

A period girl 

Ask a girl on period what pain means 

How each howling vein scream
How all 64 organs make her heart believe soon she gonna be relieve
Like lava the pain gets high,like fire it makes  body shrill and dry
 “Worse than last ” each time she sigh .

Fallen angels

She ….

kinda sun,wish to glance at night
gaze at  the bright rays of her surrounded by blackness of night
Rose will bloom for the first time at such gloomy hour of time
Words ain’t enough for the beauty she aquire yet i find her heart prettier than her soul’s attire

kinda moon wanna rest with on seaside
On cold sand with no one by our side
Even After myraid tides seems the firm occean   enamoured each who have a sight
Stars,get jealous whoever jumps on her side
Loyalty astonishing every lover’s eye

kinda plant wanna have in grenny yard
No complaints no demand just wish to  nourishes all heart
Beauty that sooths each poets eye loveliness which each human wish to ascibe
What are thee made of i wanna ask

Unlimited sky 

They are so good they’ve unlimited sky 

Unlike humans lands to divide
Sit on any roof dance with waves forever glee never dismay
They say they don’t have brain may be thats why they are   happy in all rain and stain
Allow me to become such insane
No senses no desire only happiness that stays 

A yogi inside …

They say I’m a sadhu am I look like one ?

But why so because,I’ve long beard mustaches or because I preach to small children
They say i predict thing,do i ?
Or I just speak less and when utter,utter from heart
Actually I dont prefer to verbalize to the outer world,may be because I feel its just infant reflection of our inner world .
They say i dont make a hue cry when fall ill
I really dont?
Though i feel the pain,I’m aware that this machines get slow at times
Will destroy when clock strikes twelve of my night,
Get oiled and serviced will run agin like usual times.
They say i dont conjoin with,but i don’t like to be lonesome
Spend myriad hours verbalizing with birds,sun, clouds,tree and season,
They annswer best,speak truth,never confused .
They say i dont expect really ??
May be because I believe in growth comes as result of change
I prefer sea instead of stagnant water though its lil salty but preferable,
Spiciness change thrillers they excite senses.
Doesn’t like to be same alter space as birds do, Careless  like crow with a beak that  ensures .
They say I meditate lseven-day,do i ?
But like to be conscious about cosmos I’m living in,nourishing maturity.
This way world reverbrates insides

Ask am I yogi,mystic,sadhu or am just a man more aware than animals .

Queen of destiny,King of dirty lines 

Make the world shine with the power of your heart,

Let the world know the viceroy of thy heat,
Who rules thy life,who serves your life
The one who’s never together never apart ,
Shines in all petals of thy lotus heart
Yes gotto deal with mud the puddles of the crust,
You know  the world is mixture of love and lust

Rise without strings ,fly even without wings
Let the life smile on you,let the sun shine on u
This jorney is all what you have,all what you cared ,
The only thing you can dare
Be smooth to yourself,be harsh to the rest
No one except you is queen of thy life,Of thy beautiful smile
Let all be jealous of the beautiful mind you deem
Of the cold buttery heart you nourish

After all its feminne power that rules the life,
As one said “Have courage and be kind ”
Be WISE don’t be a clown in hands of life
That’s golden rule you gotto realize
Glorious faces dont glorifies life,Masculine powers dont run life
Be a toddler the only ruler of thy life
The queen of destiny the king of dirty lines

My Black Rough Diary

There is something that connects me with uhh…

something that don’t let me move beyond yohhh..
your stear…ahhh!
youhh stears at me …like m your …your only one ..yaa your only one !
And I no you are  my true one ,but
We both are apart …yesS we are ….
It’s not distance which is separating us
it’s’s  our insecurities which are bothering us …
They are bothering so hard that even are desperation can’t help us ..
yeah can’t … can’t
my hunger screams for uhhhhh…,
BUt memories of flood..those floods
yeah those damm floods,which aparts us don’t letting me meet uhh…
We both are so similar ….so damm…
youhh and I …
the dull stars of sky …….
My black rough  diary…..
my black rough diary….
I miss uhh,I eeks for uhh,but I can’t meet youhhh …..
my black rough diary
my black rough diary……